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Do you need a break to recharge, like, yesterday?
Have the years of pandemic messed you up?
We know. We’re with you.

This winter, feel restored, inspired, and cared-for
instead of dreary and exhausted.

Growth Point Collaborative Counseling and Group Facilitation, PLLC
The Collaborative Self-Care Virtual Retreat Space
present to you,

February 10-12, 2023

A Collaborative Self-care 
Retreat for Therapists

You know you’re going to need this. Heck, you need this every month.


The holiday time-off is not always relaxing. Isn’t it especially disappointing sitting down in your chair in January feeling like you need a vacation to recover from your vacation?


Knowing there isn’t time off in sight...

I know I usually need a week to myself after all that family and travel action.

That’s why we’ve got something for you in February. 


A retreat that brings delight, pleasure, fun, and embodiment back to you.

A retreat for weary therapists who recognize that self-care alone doesn’t cut it.


We need more care than we can provide ourselves alone... even in stable times!

We need collaborative, community care for our sustainability.

We are righteously practicing a crucial layer of self-care: community care.



We're going to eat well, period. 

Enjoy dishes lovingly prepared by fellow participants,

a day of catered meals,

and a Farewell Sunday Brunch

out in Asheville.


Restorative Activities

Participate in restorative practices and techniques, as led by fellow clinicians. We're likely to have guided meditations, yoga sessions, art therapy demonstrations, poetry readings, and plenty of other invitations to slow down intentionally.



This crucial layer of self-care, to be within community, serves in the healing process of traumas we're exposed to at work.

Many of us work alone.

Here, we will see and be seen.

Dear helper,

It’s been a rough few years. The hardship won’t be ending, either. We will continue confidentially caring for community members as a career, through unsettling historic times.


We can join together to care for each other, as fellows who understand what we’re holding. 


Gather is an opportunity to bring your community in close, to share in the ongoing recovery process from burnout. 


Everyone deserves an opportunity to step out of the day-to-day overwhelm, and into leisure, fun, and sweet nature time. 


We put together this retreat to create a recharging station for therapists. 


We hope you enjoy it,

Ginelle, Alli, and Jenna

Why collaborative?

This retreat won’t be like any other.


And it will never be replicated, even if we make a ritual of it. 


That’s because this collection of humans will only combine in this way, this time.


Be here for the first ever Gather.


Community care IS self-care. The world will not stop being hard to live in.


We have to innovate ways to be sustainable in our careers.

Going it alone isn't working.

We’ll share techniques, practices, and playful activities that bring ease to the emotionally exhausted.


Deep relaxation, connection, and nourishment are the aims of this retreat. 

We are not here to strive, attempt excellence, or make anything serious happen.


Just rest and enjoyment.


We are very serious about not being too serious.


But seriously, you need this.

Say no more. Sign me up!

Why now?

“I’ll take one therapist, extra crispy!” said no client ever.


We’re offering a space for therapists to actively, intentionally relax in the context of extraordinarily challenging working conditions lasting for years.


Burnout is unavoidable on an average day. But give us a pandemic, political unrest, and ongoing threats to safety from every direction… and we’ve got a recipe for some extra crispy (and spicy) helpers. 


We’re surviving. It’s been so long since “normal” that it’s hard to grasp what fun or pleasure is, even when we try to get back to it...


If you’re extra crispy, we’ll have some help for you here. Your community is here to catch you in its loving arms.


And even if you’re not even mildly crispy… you still need prevention, and you surely have something helpful to offer the group. 


Show up and join us in any form.

What is the intention for this retreat?

We want to create an event to return to year after year, where one of our most basic needs are met: belonging.


Trusting relationships and shared value systems create safety for checking in with oneself, for regrouping, for receiving care.


Bring your favorite colleague.

By retreating to a novel and beautiful environment, we create strong memories to draw upon once we’ve stepped back into our calendars.


The event itself becomes a resource.


While you’re here, you’ll take the time to feel the sun hitting your face. 

You’ll feel invited to sit still and contemplate yourself, your needs, your next move. 


You’ll feel seen and heard by a group of fellow helpers. 


You’ll take in the beauty of nature in the serenity of winter. 


You’ll rest. 


You’ll taste food made by friends, chefs, and local cooks.


And besides the potluck dinner up front, you won’t be cooking it. 



Once you leave, you’ll have recent visceral memories of connections and caring exchanges.


You’ll be reinforced to slow down and attend to yourself, resourcing these memories.


You’ll have trust with new people in our professional community.


You’ll remember easily that burnout is not a “you problem;” it’s a huge problem, and until our whole society rearranges itself sustainably… people who provide emotional and physical labor will be feeling levels of burnout.


Let’s keep taking care of it together.

Here's where we'll be.
Bend of Ivy Lodge

This beautiful mountainside property includes a pond with firepit, a labyrinth, a pavilion, goats, shared rooms and amenities.

So what’s a Collaborative Self-care Retreat all about?

Everyone has something to bring to the table, literally and metaphorically.

We reject the notion that self-care practiced in isolation is enough.

We do have what we need among us to create a deeply nourishing weekend.

And there is no central figure we’re all here to see. 

Rather, every participant is an offering.

Your presence itself is a worthy contribution. 

You make the community what it is. 


NO, you do NOT have to “work” at this retreat.

In fact, you better not.


We invite everyone to offer an element of self-care tutorial programming.

We’re collaborating to create the retreat itself. 


For example, if you’re an art therapist by day, you are welcome to bring something entirely different to facilitate, if you so choose.

Or you can guide a therapeutic experience from your area of expertise.

You can do what’s easiest to you, and it will still blow our minds.

A few notes:

  • We offer special ticket pricing for participants leading activities.

  • We deprioritize professionalism by not bothering with CEU’s

  • We honor marginalized identities with special pricing, too. 

  • We welcome you to bring your coziest (or funniest) jammies. 

What's included in your ticket?


Welcome & Farewell Circle

A connective container to bring in and release the practice of collaborative self-care. Let us know where you're at, and what you need.

Tarot Cards


Access delightful and restorative activities led by esteemed colleagues and peers.

Image by David Kovalenko

Your 2-night Stay

Bend of Ivy is nestled in Madison, County, "The Jewel of the Blue Ridge." Enjoy the beauty of WNC up close in the gorgeous wintertime.

Image by Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi

Prizes & Goodies

Our delicious gift bags are full of goodies and fabulous offers from local eateries and shops. Big prize giveaway at Sunday Brunch!


All Meals

We'll have it all here on retreat weekend. Potluck, catering, and dining. Not to mention, all the snacks you can imagine.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Follow-up Reunion

We'll meet again virtually two weeks after our retreat to see what's sticking, and to check in on our wellness.

What is optional at the retreat?

Here's where it gets really good.

Everyone is invited to present an activity or offering. Not everyone will, and nobody has to...

but selected presenters will receive a $75 ticket reimbursement!


This is a great chance to provide a meditation, host a poetry reading, pull some tarot cards, paint with watercolors, give an inspiring talk, hold space in a silent hour, lead a discussion, host a sunrise hike… anything goes. 

Apply to provide your activity here.

We can't wait to see this itinerary come together, with all our vibrant community has to offer.

You might be curious...

Should I still come if I’m not into massage and yoga and meditating?

Probably yes. There will be talking, and walking, and eating, and laughing. Fire and nature, and plenty of other types of pleasure to enjoy. Don't forget, you also make this retreat what it is, so bring what makes you feel better, and share!

How is the food going to be?

Food's kindof a big deal for this.

The first night, the entire group of retreaters is invited to bring a well-labeled potluck dish. We will eat so-and-so’s mother-in-law’s famous casserole, an assortment of classic appetizers I’m sure, and a gorgeous array of desserts.


On the second day, we will enjoy catered breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The third morning, will have our closing group circle, followed by Brunch out in Asheville. Then we part ways!

What else will I enjoy if I don’t want to stare deeply into the eyes of Sarah from grad school?

You get to go deeper in conversation with people than networking coffee.

You don’t have to cook for yourself for at least 48 hours.

You will have ample opportunities to hear yourself think.

Need we say more?

Prefer alone time for recharging?

It’s all good. If you want space for silence and solitude, we will accommodate that.


Basic Understandings

Basic understandings: 


There will be no pressure to engage in every single activity, and there will be plenty of activities to choose from. 


Use consent practices while sharing hard stories, and do not share confidential information.


Don’t yuck on somebody’s yum. There’s space for everyone to enjoy the retreat in their way.


So if you’re into hanging out with awesome colleagues, cool. 


If you’re into participating in experientials, but not hosting them, cool. 


Side effects may include: Deepened relationships and broader professional connections. 

How could you not?

If you are someone who likes goats, sunrise, birds, campfires, massage therapy, restaurants, catering, potlucks, art therapy demonstrations, meditations and poetry read by your beloved therapist colleagues, and generally hanging out with other clinicians… this retreat is for YOU!!

Meet your hosts

Let us tell you a bit about who we are.

If you made it this far,
and you’re still a therapist,
this retreat is calling to you. 

There’s no way you’re not all tired out at this point. 
This was created for you.

We’re not going to make
the source of your tired go away,
but we will care for one another,
treat ourselves well,
and just chill.

Did I mention we have a team of massage therapists coming?

Here's how you can find yourself here with us, in Marshall, NC in early February. 

King/Full bed solo room - $1250

Single in shared room - $950 

Camp/Commute - $750   


Please note, ALL rooms subject to sharing restrooms with other guests.

Add a massage on to your retreat for $100.

All people inhabiting marginalized identities receive special pricing.

Non-refundable $300 deposit claims your spot.

Accomodation options:

NOTE! These Early Bird rates will be discontinuing on November 15th. Grab your spot quick!

Special Group Rates!

As requested, people want to offer this retreat option as a perk to their work teams.

Bring a partner, or come as a group and receive the following bonuses!

  • $50 off each ticket

  • Bonus entries in the raffle to win the Big Prize at the Farewell Brunch, corresponding to the size of your group.

    • For example, groups of 4 receive 4 extra entries PER PERSON.  

  • FREE MEMBERSHIP in the Collaborative Self-Care Virtual Retreat Space for 6 months (a $300 value!)


Group Sharing

Show up for yourself and your peers in this moment, hold space together, and find out you're not alone. 


The beauty of the outdoors is available to you at all times, here. We'll immerse ourselves in brisk winter air for mindfulness and invigoration. We'll take in the majesty our mountains have to offer.



Take a moment to get grounded in your body. 60-minute massages invite space for connecting with yourself, and deeply relax your muscles. Yield into rest with the support of a Licensed body worker.

Apply to offer your activity!

When you’re ready, with a deadline of December 1st, submit your application to provide an experiential/educational/pleasurable/humorous/relaxing activity at the retreat. It will be one of several offerings, so no big spotlight on you or overwhelming pressure to deliver big. 


Make your offering based first, on how easefully you can provide it, and second, on how much enjoyment or relaxation it should bring participants. 


Keep in mind:

  • Offerings last between 30 and 90 minutes. No big deal!

  • Lead something by yourself, or pick a partner.

  • Group participation may range between 5 and 20 people. 

  • Have fun! Almost anything goes here. 

  • Let us know if your offering has expenses you can’t cover.


Here is the masterlist of ideas:


Gentle yoga, guided meditation, sunrise walk, forest bathing, art project, journal writing, silent hour, qigong, poetry reading, group share, improv session, drum circle, mini-training on psychotherapy topic, photo slideshow, storytime, bonfire group discussion, astrology chat, tarot, homemade oil blends or face masks, crafting, snow angels, cooking instructional, body awareness activity, dream exploration or dream manifesting, how-to introduction (like how to make a kick-ass bonfire), self-reiki, self-hypnosis, paint pouring, guided visualization, vision boarding, book review...


Please hear this: If offering an activity stresses you out, don’t do it. 

Come to the retreat anyway, and enjoy the offerings of others.


Some parting words...

Imagine stepping out of our calendars…

… gathering for restoration,

… going deeper than the superficial,

… eating wonderful food,

… enjoying the outdoors,

… exchanging stories,

… knowing each other more deeply,

… feeling honored and cared for.

You deserve to be well while you serve others.

They deserve a restored, supported, vibrant therapist.

Don’t go beyond extra crispy to your burnt end. 

Give yourself a place to land, something to look forward to.

Be here for this moment, the first and only of its kind.

Time to gather up.

Honor yourself and enrich your wintertime with this little getaway.
We can't wait to enjoy this with you!

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