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Collaborative Self-Care
Virtual Retreat Space

In this space, we explore the conditions of the underserved population known as "mental health professionals". We are either risking, or currently experiencing PTSD, due to exposure to a career's worth of client narrative, unsolvable systemic issues, and generally doing more emotional labor than most humans.


Burnout syndromes, depression and anxiety, and hopelessness resulting from... practicing one of the most beautiful, generous, altruistic, and meaningful art/sciences out there?


That can't be. 

How are helping professionals expected to earn so little while they improve the conditions of human life as a full time job? Actually, don't get me started on the finances. More on that within the community.


We don't stand for it, so it is our imperative to act against this cultural dynamic. That means insisting on living a pleasurable life, giving yourself credit for the good work you do, creating conditions for compassion satisfaction. Let's not forget the benefit of growth that our profession encourages. Let's grow!

This work is in the best interest of those we serve.

We'll talk about the research on burnout syndromes in the course section of the community. We'll have organized theme discussions on self-care methods and wellness-oriented actions. We'll celebrate wins and sit in heartbreak together as a community who gets it. 

We have a living manifesto and set of values that we strive to embody. We co-create the structure and the direction of the whole group's culture. We have hard discussions about the field itself and the world surrounding it.

This is where you figure out your life/work balance.


There's a space for anything connected to how clinicians can carry on in this valuable work more sustainably. This space is yours to create what's needed. 

Show us your ways. Gather up new ways.


This is a space to learn the art of living, giving you permission to try things, and treat yourself to the life of your choosing. To celebrate the gift it is to hold this position in the larger human community.

You are not only welcome here, we need you. 

Join us on the journey to wellness.

Image by Matt Hoffman


In the community, you will share examples of your restorative behavior and thought process.


Together, we explore the intersections of wellness and being a mental health professional.


You may teach someone their future favorite self-care treat! You may have just the experience to reassure someone younger than yourself about the journey.


Fill your cup, and offer some out.

Here's a preview.

Mighty Network preview 2.JPG

Mutual Exchange

The universalizing principle refers to

the evidence people get from group therapy that

they are not alone in their struggles. 

The conditions must be set to conduct 

mutual exchange of encouragement and strategy.


We need to invest in our participation,

and expand in our care for others.

Stop depending on unsupportive,
unhealthy, heartbreaking virtual gathering spaces...


We are a collaboration of
thrivers with integrity,
practicing self-care in community.

We are here to support each other into the quality of life

we believe all people should enjoy. 


  • Memberships last for a year and can be paid in monthly increments. 

  • Take a year, or several to contribute to the evolution of our profession.

  • Learn about the realities of different types of burnout syndromes.

  • Make your contributions by sharing what restores you. 

  • Receive the benefits of preventing and recovering from burnout together.

  • You make this mutual care network what it is. 

  • Gather incredible ideas and examples of peers living well.

  • Make genuine relationships with colleagues who share your values nation-wide.

  • Be a part of the revolution against commodification of our labor. 

  • Become strong in your commitment to your wellness

  • End the correlation between exhaustion and beautiful service to the world. 

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