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Growth Point Collaborative Retreats is a set of unique therapeutic offerings from Ginelle Krummey, MA LCMHC, founder of Growth Point Collaborative Counseling and Group Facilitation, PLLC.

Ginelle offers individual and group counseling in private practice,

virtually across the state of North Carolina,

and locally in Madison County, NC just outside of Asheville.

Ginelle hosts day-long individual therapy retreats in a private and picturesque environment. These retreats are a clinical service, and the are meant to be experienced as an adjunct to regular individual therapy. 


Find out more on the Full-day Individual Therapy Retreat page.



We are still consciousness-raising, people! We are committed to waking up from auto-capitalism and arguing hard with the patriarchy that's been in place for centuries.


This community is meant to strengthen your resolve in pursuing wellness while doing meaningful, supportive work that changes the world. 

We explore the ways people do wellness. You get inspiration for your next joyful activity. There is space to heal from realities such as:

  • I forgot how to have fun because I work all the time

  • I'm burnt out and vicariously traumatized

  • I might leave this field to do something light and meaningless

  • I need support to juggle my many responsibilities

  • I feel unsupported at work, and people at home don't understand

  • I could give up, knowing about the oppressive systems my clients are up against

  • I've noticed that I have stopped caring

Climbing Plants
Open Book


  • Anti-racism

  • Health at Every Size

  • Intersectional Feminism

  • Healthcare is a human right

  • Commerce does not make us capitalists

  • Science matters, and has its biases

  • Healing is not linear

  • Burnout is inevitable, unless...

  • Everyone has wisdom to offer

  • We are allowed to be different

  • Ageism, sizeism, and ableism are real

  • Living well includes pleasure

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