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Therapy Retreat Day

with Growth Point Collaborative

The Individual Therapy Retreat service is intentionally designed

for times when a person needs to sit and focus on their stuff for longer than an hour,

and regular therapy structures just won't do.

Spend a day in presence with yourself. 

Take the day to look at your life.

Take a spacious break.

Choose a direction forward with intention.


For those who wish the hour weren't up at 60 minutes,

who struggle to make time for weekly sessions,

or who love that feeling of building insight upon insight,

this is an option for you.

Don't miss out on the benefits of therapy because of an unpredictable schedule.

Please try Seasonal and Yearly intervals for therapy.


Benefits of this therapeutic format may include:

  • continuing a train of thought longer than an hourgoing deeper as time permits;

  • stepping out of routine to remember who you are;

  • a novel, singular experience in a vivid, memorable environment;

  • you select the theme, so you can focus your day on what matters most;

  • deeper personal reflection at a longer interval, such as yearly or seasonally;

  • investing powerfully in your relationship with yourself and your process



Call it a VIP day, call it an intensive, call it a self-care day.

It's therapy, nestled in the country, walking through the woods.


Here are some ideas for how to focus your therapy retreat:

  • Take inventory of your professional history and goals, and examine your relationship with work.

  • Declare resolutions for self-nurturance, and systems of accountability.

  • Dive deeper into narrative from your family history, and what it has to show you.

  • Create a trauma timeline, and a triumph timeline.

  • Examine the ways in which your social location has influenced your life.

  • Build a self-care prompt box, or draft a values manifesto.

Individual therapy retreats include preparation work and integration meetings afterwards.


You might not want to talk ALL day.

That's where the customization comes in!

As an integrative feminist therapist, I believe in the practice of actively diversifying one's approach to the healing process just like I believe in the power of healing relationships using a variety of therapeutic techniques and theoretical perspectives. 

That's why I'm collaborating with local practitioners of massage therapy, reiki, forest bathing (yes, there's a private forest here), tarot, nutrition, Ayurveda, and more.


Together, we build the day that serves you best.

The day that you need.

Enjoy your visit to this mountaintop retreat, and expect to come back next year!


Lunch will be delivered so that you can stay on property relaxing during the break times.

There will be fresh flowers in our private, dedicated office space.


If you find you could keep going forever when your therapy time is ending, this will be a satisfying experience for you.


In your full-day therapy retreat, you can stay on a train of thought longer than a regular one-hour session. 

You can focus on a specific issue, or mark the passage of time with your developing self. Looking back on the last year, for example, you can see how far you've come... or what you're still stuck on.

I encourage a commitment to yearly retreats, a method for reflecting on a tangible period of time, while zooming out to keep your entire life in mind.

vibrant sky.jpg


The retreat space is a one-of-a-kind, custom renovated hundred year-old cottage in a private setting, in the craggy mountains of Madison County, NC. From the site, an expansive, uninterrupted view will honor you with the sight of its many forms. 

The nature available up-close includes private wooded forest acres, a home garden with chicken coop, and a gravel road to stroll during breaks. 

If you take a seat to enjoy your lunch overlooking the hills, you're likely to hear the local cows moo-ing on the next hill over.

One thing you will not be hearing is traffic. The greatest number of people you could run into is maybe five. More likely, one, when a neighbor takes a walk. 

We can stomp down into the ancient, untouched forest for some session time, and remember the slow pace of nature.

What will be
your work
on this day?

Individual therapeutic retreat days are meant to be just that... individual. You know you best, and the direction in which you need to focus on this day. We'll go anywhere that's needed.

You will be invited to a consultation call after your application is received, in which your preferences for the day's work will be discussed.


This is a great setting to dive into a chapter of your life that needs revisiting to heal. You can work specifically on self-compassion, or through a sociopolitical lens, or spend some time confronting your multitudes of perspectives.

There is space here for all of it.

Click the Register button below to access the application.

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