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This day changes everything.
Take a delicious breather from life as you know it...
and see what emerges.

Dive deep in a
Full-Day Individual Therapy Retreat

in the Jewel of the Blue Ridge: 

Madison County, NC

...just outside Asheville

Welcome to Growth Point Collaborative

As a counselor in my private practice, I build meaningful, long-term relationships with people for about an hour at a time. It's wonderful. 

... and I'd like to support people who need alternative therapy formats. People whose time is limited because they're off changing the world with their mission-driven work most days.

Hi, I'm Ginelle Krummey, LCMHC. I believe all people should have access to therapy. All people. Learn more about me here.

I serve professional helpers as they develop strategies to live fulfilled, pleasurable lives while responding to human hardship and struggle for a living. It's truly beautiful work we do, and it's heart-wrenching at times. Let's find our way to the beautiful lives we should all be living. 

My advocacy work centers around the experience of another type of professional helper: breastfeeding breadwinners. Never heard of such a person? Neither had I, until I became one. Learn more about these powerhouses here.


It's a wonder what the aesthetics of an environment can do to create meaningful therapeutic work.

Individual therapy retreats take place in a custom-renovated, hundred-year-old cottage among the mountains of Madison County, North Carolina.

The office space we use was created just for this type of work. Check out the evolution of the office space.


Ginelle practices integrative feminist analytic psychotherapy.


As a visionary for the world we want to live in, she practices consent, and believes that all people can heal and experience personal empowerment. 

Ginelle integrates a variety of therapeutic modalities into therapy, customizing the intervention to the moment and person.

Schedule a consultation to explore how you can benefit from a full-day therapeutic retreat!

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No two therapy retreat days are alike, because no two healing people have the same needs, preferences, or desires.


You are invited to select which adjunctive therapies to cradle your day of emotional work.

Choose from massage, reiki, guided imagery, forest bathing, you name it. It can be arranged to fulfill your ideal therapeutic day. 

This is the kind of experience you'll return to yearly, if not quarterly.

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